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 My expertise is in Group Facilitation, Participatory Research, Social Impact Investing, and International & Community Development. 

 I bring a data-driven, human-centered, and asset-based approach to program management. 

As an experienced facilitator, systems thinker and servant-style leader, I love to build effective, positive and healthy work environments by supporting the growth and participation of teammates and colleagues. I am gifted at understanding complex, difficult or challenging situations and discerning how to provide collaborative and effective solutions thorough a combination of radical candor, stakeholder engagement, dot connecting, and technology. I’m an experienced grant maker and manager.

I value effective altruism and thoughtful efficiency when it comes to spending and the distribution of resources. Additionally, my unique experiences of living, working and travelling in multiple countries have shaped my ability to engage with a diverse portfolio of people and perspectives while cultivating spaces where everyone’s contributions are welcomed and valued.

I dream of a future where all people are free of suffering and have access to equitable outcomes.

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